My all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. In loving memory.

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taylorswift Thank you for Mother’s Day 2009, when my family drove 4 hours to see you. That was the same night I got a seat upgrade & watched you hug the rest of my family on the jumbotron, who was in our original seats. June 8, 2011, when my mom, my friends, & I drove to WI so that I could see you on my 13th birthday. You won your CMT for Mine that night. We made posters with lights saying, “It’s My 13th Birthday.” That was the same night you walked up to us & hugged the girl right in front of me. August 9, 2011, I had floor seats to see you for the first time being that close. I spent all summer sewing battery powered lights into my outfit & spent weeks making gifts for you. I gave your mom my gift & she thanked me but kept walking. After the show, I saw a lady with my gift & ran up to her asking if she could please bring it to you. She said, “I’m on my way to do that right now.” I started bawling my eyes out & hugged her for 5 minutes before she had to leave, then I sat on the ground and continued to cry. That was the same night I saw Andrea watching me dancing & crying, but I wasn’t invited to meet you; watching the girls the row in front of me get invited to meet you felt like getting shot in the heart. August 10, 2013, I wore my Clifford suit for 12 hours in the 90 degrees & embarrassed myself in front of 55,000 people😂I made posters that said Like Ever & Burning Red. That was the same night I asked Austin for a picture and he said no (I forgive him); that was the same night I was told I would be escorted out of the pit if I held up my posters because they were too bright; that was the same night that you came up to us during Love Story, bent down, & held the hand of the girl standing next to me. With all of these near misses, I keep telling myself that one day we will meet & it’s going to make up for all of the times I was just so close. Thank you for being my life raft when I was sinking, that is a debt I will never be able to repay. I’ll love you until the end of my days, and beyond. I am forever waiting for the day that I will finally meet you, so I can hug you so tight that all of my broken pieces stick back together❤️Rachel

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Taylor’s new Line message!

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This is how we do.

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the day taylor begins to casually reply to my posts and refers to me by my first name is the day my soul will leave my body